Nick Cave et Warren Ellis dévoilent leur nouvel album live “Australian Carnage – Live At The Sydney Opera House”

Ces 18 titres issus de leur performance en décembre 2022 à l’Opéra de Sydney s’imposent comme la suite logique de l’inégalable album “Carnage” sorti en 2021. Colin Greenwood de Radiohead les avait rejoint sur scène aux côtés de Larry Mullins, des Bad Seeds, ainsi que des choristes Wendi Rose, Janet Ramus et T Jae Cole.

“Touring Australia with Warren after so much time away was one of the highlights of recent years. Every show was moving and unforgettable, from the intimacy of playing in theatres and arts centres, to the vast and uplifting nights at Hanging Rock, through to our final three nights at the inimitable Sydney Opera House. We are excited to share these recordings, made at the Sydney Opera House, and hope they capture even a tenth of the collective elation we felt at those shows. We’ll never forget them.”, dit Nick Cave.

“Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ Australian Carnage live album is an extraordinary record of two of the most beautiful and brilliant artists of their time reaching for something else with their immensely talented on-stage collaborators. They were more than concerts that Nick & Warren brought to Australia and Sydney Opera House; something profound and numinous was happening in the Concert Hall between the artist and the audience at their performances here, and I hope this album touches you too.” dit Ben Marshall, responsable de la musique contemporaine à l’Opéra de Sydney.


1. Spinning Song
2. Bright Horses
3. Night Raid
4. Carnage
5. White Elephant
6. Ghosteen
7. Lavender Fields
8. Waiting For You
9. I Need You
10. Cosmic Dancer
11. Breathless
12. Hand Of God
13. Shattered Ground
14. Galleon Ship
15. Leviathan
16. Balcony Man
17. Hollywood
18. Ghosteen Speaks